Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Vespers

On December 22nd, a pan-Confessional Christmas Service will be held at St. John's Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  We will be observing the historic Christmas Eve Vespers.  All are welcome to attend, but it is geared specifically towards Confessional Lutherans who seek to worship with like-minded individuals in the historic Lutheran tradition.  As such, rather than celebrating this festive occasion on the 24th, we will observe it on the 22nd so that guests and visitors will not be drawn away from their home parishes during this important time of the year.

The Service will be drawn in large part from the Vespers liturgy as laid out in The Lutheran Hymnal.  Come and hear beautiful music sung by a choir and sing the nostalgic Christmas hymns of the past and present. Most of all, come and hear the Gospel of a Saviour who came to earth as a child to redeem us from our sin. Let your friends and family know. We hope to see you there.
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Saint John Evangelical-Lutheran Church, 804 W. Vliet St. in Milwaukee.  

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